Sales Cold Calling. The Most Profitable Method by Claude Whitacre

by: Claude Whitacre

Years ago, I was selling vacuum cleaners. I was cold calling by knocking on doors. It was unpleasant work. Nobody is happy to see you when you are knocking on their door.

Anyway, it was the last day of the month, and I was in a contest. A storm was going to arrive within the hour, and canvassing in a storm is a no-no. I needed a sale. One more sale would give me a huge bonus for the month.

I kind of panicked. I started running from door to door. I wasn’t looking for someone to let me demonstrate my vacuum cleaner, I was looking for a sale. So all my training went out the window. I knocked on doors and said approximately the following “Hi, I sell vacuum cleaners. If you take a look at mine, I’ll give you this cutlery set. Are you thinking about getting a new vacuum cleaner?”

That last sentence was a killer. It made most people turn me down. But I needed a sale, not a demonstration. After about forty five minutes, a man said “Sure, if it’s good enough, we could use a better vacuum cleaner”. After I brought the machine in their home, I told him and his wife that I was in a contest, and that I couldn’t spend time showing the vacuum cleaner unless there was a real possibility of a sale that night. He said “Sure, like I said, we’re interested in what you have”.

Of course they bought (Thank Goodness). I won my contest. But what I gained that was far more valuable was the realization that there are actually people out there that want what you have right now. And as much as you are looking for them, they are looking for you. My job was just to find them. This changed my cold calling procedure forever.

Whether I was knocking on doors (this was in the 1970-1980s), or calling on the phone, I found that it was much more profitable if I concentrated on finding the one or two people tat day that were truly ready to buy what I sold. Rather than trying to convince prospects to let me talk to them, and then convince them to buy, it was easier to just quickly sort through the list, to find the ideal buyers.

This idea only works if you have a near unlimited supply of prospects. For example, in my area, we had 50,000 people I could call. If you sell a highly specialized product that is only bought by a very small segment of the market, I wouldn’t do this. Instead, I would concentrate on building a relationship with the few possible buyers you have to work with.

The big advantage of this “call quickly to find the best buyer” method is that you don’t really care if any one person is interested in what you have. You are actually trying to dis-qualify the people you talk to as quickly as you can. Phoning prospects rapidly is also a key to this. If you call three people an hour, you’ll spend an entire day, and maybe not even set one appointment.

If you call prospects as quickly as possible, you’ll find that time flys. You’ll also end up with several appointments with highly qualified and eager buyers.

A good book to read is any edition of the book Prospecting Your Way To Sales Success by Bill Good. It’s available at I’ve found this book to be invaluable in learning better cold calling methods.
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Know How You Can Create Anticipation To Increase The Sales Of …

by: Jimmy Vee

By now I’m sure you are acquainted with Reality TV phenomenon Susan Boyle and her Brittan’s Got Talent performance that captured 51,505,616 views and over 230,000 comments in just some months on YouTube.

If you haven’t watched this video that includes the frumpy Forty something woman who literally hits it out the park her 1st time performing on the show, go online now and give it a look.

There are some powerful lessons you can learn from this viral success that can effortlessly be put into action in your car dealership.

After all, we always encourage our readers and training students to look beyond huge successes in the media or in business and see how you’ll be able to imitate those results in your own store.

Accomplishment leaves clues, whether it’s a viral video, a quote or an off-handed remark about what’s working for someone else in a fully unrelated business. Asking better queries and digging for gold nuggets is the dirty work we do everyday… it’s what we live for.

Thus back to our instance study on Susan Boyle.

This YouTube Video heard around the globe was initially posted on April Eleventh, 2009. Within four days, the video had over 9 MILLION views and had been commented on by over 50,000 people. Of course the statistics are still ridiculous and off the chart-but the big question is… why did this video get so much activity in such a short amount of your time?

What makes one video, one plan or one message spread around like wildfire and other messages (like your dealership’s marketing messages) go completely ignored in the marketplace?

Well we’ve identified Two essential reasons this….and for the rapid success of Susan Boyle’s video. Both that are easily duplicable and ready to use instantly when marketing your local store.

The Video Creates Burning Anticipation

If you’ve ever studied an tremendously successful viral campaign similar to this one, you’d see a video’s capability to form and preserve anticipation is one of the key common denominators behind its success.

In this particular video, the expectation builds deeply before Susan ever steps foot on stage. We hear her back story as we’re introduced to a frumpy and rather eccentric looking woman who clearly stands out from the other contestants in the race.

She’s then brought before the panel of judges and you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what’s going to happen. Are the panel of judges going to laugh her off the stage? Can the spectators like it or hate it? Is she going to be horrible? Could she probably be any good? You’ll find out after these messages.

There’s a powerful headline smart promoters have used for decades. It goes something like, “They all laughed when I did ________ (i.e. stepped up on stage, sat down at the piano, got behind the wheel), until I _________ (insert the wonderful thing the person just did). It’s a headline that gets read each time… and it’s the same anticipatory force at work in this video.

Then again, it’s vital to keep in mind that expectation is a type of desire. Yearning is something we all wish our prospects and clients to have for our messages, our vehicles and our dealership. It’s really easier said than done, but anticipation is a very genuine kind of desire you can use to the advantage of your store.

Sadly, most dealers think they’re doing a nice job creating “yearning” and “expectation” because each year the producer sends them a new model and a few fresh banners to show off. What might be a lot more thrilling…right?

Well friends, I hate to break it to you, but your new banners and poster boards showing off this year’s most recent minivan isn’t all that exciting to your clients. And used car dealers- you don’t even have the luxury of receiving these promoting “tools’.

So instead, a more dependable and successful method to create expectation would be to offer your audience one thing they actually anticipate to. Though it sounds pathetically easy, it truely is. The secret’s to get inside the mind of your prospects, determine what they really, really want and tie it to a powerful promotion that builds expectation on what they’ll get by shopping at your store.
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Traffic: An Essential YouTube Video Marketing Success …

by: Matthew Bredel

Video marketing is huge today but you can’t just post a video online and expect it to make money by letting it sit. How does a person that’s new to internet marketing learn how to maximize their ability to make money with YouTube? Research! You need to do a lot of research to find out how to take a video and get it out to people who want to see it, will find value in it, and who will buy something as a result of it.

You’ll also find that by researching you learn about countless opportunities to use short clips to sell. You can sell something specific, you can make money through contextual advertising, and you can even sell access to the video itself. Huge potential exists with video marketing!

Make Money On YouTube

The YouTube site is a website that lets anyone upload videos for free and it’ll let anyone look at videos for free as well. The site itself isn’t the beginning and end of the video marketing process though because the site makes it easy for people to host those videos on other sites. You can use your video a number of ways including:

- On your blog or web 2.0 page. Video blogging is huge! People love being able to connect with you through a video rather than just reading what you have to say.

Videos you upload to video sharing sites can be embedded on your own blog or on other sites which can help you connect with your readers and help them solve problems and so much more.

- On your sales page. Streaming testimonials with real people and product advertorials can be well communicated on a sales page. Instead of just a long block of a few thousand words to try to sell to people something with big and bold text and static photos, consider adding some video clips to your sales page.

Famous and successful internet marketers have been doing this for some time and technology makes it easy for anyone to do it. You can even buy sales letter templates that help you quickly and easily embed your videos.

- Sell video memberships to people to teach them how to do things. This is increasingly popular. You could also share these on revenue sharing sites as well and use them to bait people to get to your website where you can sell something else that complements what you’ve just communicated.

- Post clips to sites that offer revenue sharing. If you can show someone how to do something rather than explaining it in text, you can save someone time which may mean they’re willing to pay for that service.

What’s the key to making money with videos?

Traffic is the key to success here. If you look on popular multimedia sharing sites you’ll see that there are new ones added on a constant basis so you have to find ways to get traffic so yours will actually get seen.

Social bookmarking, social networking, RSS feeds, and other methods can be used to help you get the targeted traffic you’ll need to get so that you can actually sell something. Getting that traffic can be a manual process or you could enlist the help of products that assist you with distributing your content so that more traffic sees it.

There are a lot of ways to earn money with your computer, including: Making Money with YouTube. heck out for a Traffic Geyser Review. Traffic Geyser can help you distribute your videos and get plenty of targeted traffic.

The 10 Most Common Mistakes That Are Crippling Your Sales Letters

by: Peter Geisheker

Sending out sales letters to prospective customers or potential clients can be one of the most effective ways to create loyalty and get your market to buy. But so many sales letters are regarded as junk mail by today’s consumer – and they are right. When was the last time you opened a sales letter in the mail and actually read it? Why not? Because the bulk of today’s sales letters don’t entice you, they don’t speak to you, and most importantly, they don’t give you any reason to bother. Here are ten mistakes that you might be making now that is costing you thousands of dollars:

#1. Your letter doesn’t speak to anybody in particular.

Okay, you bought a mailing list and you shipped out a letter. Who is receiving it? Is it a specific gender? Do they have a particular career? How much money do they make?

Companies fail to get to know their market, and it cripples not just their sales letters, but their marketing in general. Take some time to study your target – what makes them tick? Then you can craft a sales letter that speaks directly to their wants and desires.

#2. It’s missing a headline.

Sales letters need to attract the eye. Without a headline, a sales letter is just a block of words that can easily be ignored. Just look at the headline of this article: it speaks directly to YOU, doesn’t it? It speaks in the present tense, and it implies that there is information in this article that you need to read now (and it’s true, too!). That’s a big reason why you are reading this, isn’t it? Motivate your readers to keep reading!

#3. You don’t know the difference between FEATURES and BENEFITS.

This is the biggest, most common mistake that companies make in their sales letters. If somebody writes me a letter and says, “Hey! Look at what we’ve got! Look what we’ve done! Aren’t we great?!?”, I’m going to throw it away in a heartbeat.

What do people want to hear about? They want to hear about themselves. It’s simple human nature. We all have egos, and they need to be stroked. So talk about them: “Hey! You know that problem you have? This is how we can help you out…”

If you are writing about your business, you are writing a FEATURE. That’s not what you’re supposed to be writing. If you are writing about the consumer, you are writing a BENEFIT. That’s what people want to hear about – what’s in it for me?

#4. Give them a reason to respond.

If your response rates are down, you may not be giving your market enough of a reason to contact you. Where’s the offer? If the consumer reads your entire sales letter, but they are not motivated to take action IMMEDIATELY, you did it wrong.

Give them a discount or some form of special offer for responding to the letter. You need to motivate them.

#5. You are assuming they’ll take your word for it.

You need proof. That means statistics that show it works. That means testimonials from people who have enjoyed the benefits. People won’t just listen to you based on what you say – show them what others are saying.

#6. Your letter is unpleasant to look at.

Beyond the headline, how have you formatted your letter? Is it just a bunch of words? Then forget it. You might as well have mailed them a 700-page Charles Dickens novel, because that’s what they will relate this to. You don’t have to put in pictures necessarily, but at least put in some sub-headlines or lists. They need something they can easily scan to get the gist of the letter beforehand. It will increase the odds of them reading the whole thing.

#7. You didn’t break down the barriers.

Barriers are things that keep the consumer from buying from you. Most of the time, this refers to risk: they worry that they are investing their time or money in something that won’t work. You need to guarantee them that it will be worth it. Offer them a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Give them a reason to take the plunge, risk-free, and there’s a good chance they will.

#8. You don’t have a “P.S.” at the end.

The “P.S.” is a great way to hit the last few skimmers – people who aren’t reading. Sum up your biggest benefit, combine it with your offer, and throw it in as the last line in your letter. Watch those response rates grow! For example:

“P.S. Stop wasting your time resharpening those old knives! Order your complete set of 6 Revolution Steak Knives and use them for 60 days at no cost!”

#9. Nothing makes you stand out.

Who are you targeting and why? You need to position yourself as something unique. If you are just like the others, then no one will buy. Remember that when you make your offer and explain your benefits. They need to have something different about them to motivate your specific target market.

#10. They’re not even opening the envelope.

If your letter comes in a plain white envelope, you’re going to lose. Put a killer headline on the outside of the envelope. Consider hand-addressed envelopes. Or, as many companies do, take advantage of the “lumpy mailer”, where you put something in the envelope that makes it feel bulky – so people will tear it open just to find their free gift. Your envelope needs to stand out from the rest of the mail in their mailbox. How is your sales letter standing out?

Peter Geisheker is the CEO of The Geisheker Group of marketing companies. The Geisheker Group performs strategic marketing and copywriting for mid-to-large companies. For more information, please call (920) 471-1638 or visit us at

Make More Profits with Direct Sales Recruiting by Daegan H. Smith

by: Daegan H. Smith

There are many ways to find your way to succeed in the online business. One such strategy to keep in mind is direct sales recruiting. This can make the big difference in the income that you will get from your endeavor.

Conducting a Successful Business

Many people are struggling to succeed in their businesses and career. Sometimes it really takes an awful lot of time and effort to make it big. However, most of the time, the key to succeed right away is to know the right things to do at the right take. That is why for people doing home-based businesses, it is best to understand the concept of direct sales recruiting properly.

What Is at Stake with Direct Sales?

There are many ways to conduct the business. In the internet community, the more popular options are MLM and Direct Sales marketing. These options both have their edge, highlights and also shortcomings. However, it is up to you to maximize the potential of the method to use it as a tool for success.

One good strategy in conducting your business is through direct sales. This is a viable option for those who want to make profitable income even in a short amount of time devoted to the business. Thus, people who have short-term goals in doing the business can very well benefit from direct sales. Those who also have long-term goals can enjoy the possibility of earning income right away as the residual income from other strategies is still taking time to ripen.

The system of direct sales strategy works by allowing individuals to join companies that sell certain products and services. The members can then promote the company and recruit other people to join. The recruits will then be identified to the member. Any subsequent commissions from sales made and fees paid are credited to the member. That then results to income to the pockets. There are some success stories of people earning thousands after making a number of active recruits.

Direct Sales Recruiting

Considering the good things that await a successful direct sales marketer, it is best to bank your efforts into recruiting properly more people into the venture. Thus, rather than struggle for years in the business, earn instantly by getting hold of precious recruits.

When promoting the direct sales company take the time to spot people with good potentials as recruits for your business. Find someone who displays commitment in what they do. This is important for people whom you want to promote and sell the company you are part of.

Then, once you have identified the people you need and want, introduce them to the direct sales system. Provide an orientation to the people to appreciate the system properly. Most direct sales companies provide regular seminars to their members. You can make your recruits attend this. You can also choose to attend it yourself and be the one to pass the skills to your recruits.

Going to seminars will ensure that the recruits get the proper training to help you meet your goals. Evaluate the skills and knowledge of your recruits ahead of time to know what seminar can best maximize their potentials. You can also further give motivational talks to your recruits so that they will always feel up to doing their tasks.


Becoming successful in your business is not that difficult. Just take the time to know the right strategies to achieve your goal. Pour in your time, effort, skills and devotion. Success will definitely come to you.

Daegan Smith Is And Expert Online Marketer

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Getting Familiar with Affiliate Marketing by Ruth Abigail Sebastian

by: Ruth Abigail Sebastian

Affiliate Marketing basically means selling other people’s products. It can be done in the physical world or through the internet. They both have the same basic principles but since they sell in different ways, they use different strategies. Whatever strategies used, it still involves earning through commissions once somebody buys the product from you. It is like being the middle man.

Affiliate marketing through the internet involves having a website that has facts or useful information about some benefits that one can get from a certain product and a link to the merchant’s page that offers the product.

For instance, you have a website and you want to sell a merchant’s product. You need to have some general facts or interesting information about the product, and lead your site visitors to click on a link that will show the sales page of the product. Your main goal is to do great marketing on the internet so that when your potential customers reach the sales page, they would have no other decision but to make a purchase.

Affiliate marketing is also known to be a business where you could have passive income. This means that you can start it up by having a website that has very rich contents, compelling your target market to know more about the product until they make a purchase; and with little inputs, you will continue earning as long as you started your business right. If there will be a time when you need to take a vacation, you can do so while your site directs people to the sales page and continues with the sales conversion.

When you join an affiliate program, you will have your own affiliate link. This means that you will have a page created by the merchant where you can direct people and when they make a purchase, you automatically get the commission. This is because that page has your affiliate id and every sale that went through is considered yours.

Affiliate programs also have unique setup on cookies. If somebody sees a merchant’s site through your link, cookies are saved in their computer. These cookies contain your link information. Consider that they didn’t buy at the onset of seeing the page, when they go back to the merchant’s site, going directly to their business site address and decided to purchase, the sale is still considered yours.

However, cookies can usually be saved under your link in up to 90 days, depending on the merchant. So, you need to be aware of this when joining an affiliate program; or you may choose to sell a merchant’s product that gives longer time for cookies to be set under your link.

There are still a lot of things to know about affiliate marketing. It is lucrative but it is not a get rich quick business. Just like any other businesses, you must have focus, planning, and direction in it. You must also exert time and effort to reach your aspirations. It is best to think that you will surely be successful in it, you can get going.

Ruth Abigail Sebastian is a rising Super Affiliate. Learn about affiliate marketing and rise up with her in this venture.

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