Sales Marketing Jobs – How Not to Get Sales Marketing Internships …

by: Silas Reed

This is an age of tough competition where every company wants to make sure they outdo the competition and rise to the top. The most important factor that decides whether a company or enterprise will rise to the top is marketing. Marketing is one of the most coveted fields to day, getting precedence even over finance. Unlike finance, marketing is such a field which requires you to use your creativity and come up with your own ideas to promote the product or service offered by the company. The promotion of a product is the main factor which ensures its success. With the right promotion, a company can beat all the competition in the market and soar to the number one position. Sales marketing is an aspect of marketing which is related to the sales promotion of a product. This involves the inception of new ideas to promote a product so that it stands out among other similar products.

Sales marketing is an emerging field which recruits youngsters readily in entry level or internship positions. If you are interested in sales marketing, then it is imperative that you get into an internship with a prominent company that will teach you all the ropes of the job. Marketing is more about aptitude that anything else. An internship lets you get the basic idea about exactly what a sales job entails. You can learn a lot in the few months that you spend as an intern and this experience will be valuable to you all your life.

When you are getting into a marketing internship, there are several things that you should not do. Avoiding a few common mistakes will ensure that you go far in this field in the future.

As a marketing intern, first things first, you need to be passionate about your work. A lack of enthusiasm and interest will create a bad impression that is virtually impossible to get rid of. The first thing that you are not to do is appear bored and interested with the work.

At first you may find the job too stressful. Even if you are having trouble do not let on that you are having difficulties coping. Chances are that with time you will get used to working around the clock and will start enjoying your work.

Being disorganized and scattered is a big no-no. When you start out as an intern you will be assigned to a project. Make your to-do list before hand and make sure that you completely all the tasks successfully. Forgetting something important or missing something obvious can be a major blunder.

When you are assigned to a project do not set yourself unachievable goals. Unrealistic goals will hold you back, stressing you out and keep you from performing your very best.

Do not miss deadlines. To be successful you need to work within your stipulated deadline. Meeting the target is one of the most vital aspects of a sales marketing job.
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Get Increased Book Sales with a Combined Marketing Package by …

by: Jake Olvido

*The succeeding article is about Marketing Self Published Books, Optimized Marketing Promotion, Book Marketing Strategies, and many other useful tips about online book marketing.

Marketing your book as an upstart or self-published author can generate sufficient sales returns if you know how to strategically plan and diversify your campaign to reach a greater number of demographic readers.

To begin with, a book publicity campaign can become effective if it satisfies the following factors: (1) the marketing campaign has a clearly defined business plan as well as a feasible promotion strategy; (2) the marketing campaign has prepared an extensive “what-if’s” marketing decision making process tree to be always prepared and flexible for any contingencies; and (3) the marketing campaign must be practiced and reinforced and reviewed consistently for its effectiveness and success rate.

You can maximize on your campaign more efficiently by employing various marketing tools to improve your chances of connecting with a wider demographic base. These combinable marketing options include owning a customized author’s website; submitting a summary article of your book to free PR sites online; posting a hyperlinked ad of your book in websites with high visitor rates; and hiring the services of an email provider that lets you rent an email list to send articles and advertisements of your works.

For example, having an official website is a good start for your marketing campaign, because a customized site serves as your very own online bookstore, an important foundation base or support system from which other marketing tools and methods can be interrelated and dynamically linked. These Internet resources include online directory listings and online bookstores which have hyperlinks that reconnect or lead back to your official website, and vice versa.

Another usual recourse for authors after writing a new book is to send mails or emails to friends and acquaintances, aside from sending free press release articles to a print media company or an online organization for multiple reader browsing and even a possible critical journalist review, precisely resorted to because of its inexpensive feature as well as its capability to generate the so-called “word-of-mouth” or “viral vibes” of the new book’s interesting contents.

All in all, you can market effectively by combining these marketing options to connect with more readers with more beneficial results. This is called an optimized marketing strategy: simultaneously utilizing several cost-efficient marketing tools and programs available to reach an expanded demographic market, and ultimately leading to increased customer acquisition.

Just consider, from the marketing examples previously discussed, if, say, you combine any three of these—or more! What could that possibly spell for your book publicity efforts?

Your book has a potential to earn big profits especially if you market it well. Your book is unique, and its particular demographic are found everywhere and can be reached by various means—by email, by snail mail, by sending fax messages, by calling through the telephone, by preparing press kits, by posting online ad placements, and by conducting book signings, to mention just a few marketing methods. These methods can be as diverse as they can get; however, if you tend to take this matter for granted or just gloss it over as something unimportant or insignificant to your book promotion efforts, then you are severely limiting your given potential to earn greater profits from your newly released work.

Thus, getting the means and tools necessary to reach this target demographic need not be that expensive, complicated, and time consuming. For one, you can start simply by looking for book marketing services providers. A book marketing services provider specializes in planning for affordable and effective book marketing campaigns, and can conveniently help you with your marketing needs.

There are plenty of bargain offers from book publishing companies and over the Internet that will suit your marketing needs, and are reasonably-priced enough considering your limited resources. You can set your own selection criteria; just go and proceed with your own careful canvassing to see how well the various offers satisfy your specific marketing requirements and expectations.

Even if you are running on a tight budget or have limited means for the book marketing campaign, you can still get value returns for your precious investment by selecting wisely and keeping an open mind about the optimal prospects of your book marketing campaign.

Considering these, here are a few tried-and-tested techniques in optimizing your marketing campaign: Think “out of the box”, meaning you should be proactive, maverick and shrewd on your book publicity efforts, and never “resting on your laurels” for just a few marketing options relied upon initially. Moreover, find book marketing services providers that offer “package deals” or bundled programs, especially those with the greatest amount of features at a cost-efficient price.

In sum, you can reach more prospective readers and hopefully more book sales, if you carefully consider the highlighted features among the different offers, and finally choose which package combination is just right for you, according to your service preferences.

Jake Olvido is a Marketing Officer with, a leading provider of book marketing services. He handles all marketing aspects as well as the company’s public relations with the help of a professional marketing staff. You can contact Jake Olvido by calling 1 (877) 207-1679 extension 214 or e-mail him at

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Dont Buy Customer Relationship Management Software Unless It …

by: Audra Clair

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an influential component in the efficiency of a business operation. CRM is the glue that holds the policies, processes and strategies of an organization in tact throughout customer interactions by tracking front and back office customer information. CRM programs also analyze the success of the CRM activities in relation to the specific business operation.

Ranging from customers and sales to service management and marketing, CRM strategies can vary in size, complexity and scope. The objectives of a CRM strategy must consider a company’s specific situation and its customers’ needs and expectations. Information gained through CRM initiatives allows organizations to gain valuable strategic insight; such as identifying customer segments, improving customer retention, improving product offerings and identifying the organization’s most profitable customers.

CRM can be implemented without major investments in software, although software is necessary to analyze the full benefits of a CRM strategy. Some commonly used CRM enterprise software includes Amdocs, Microsoft, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP, depending on the company CRM strategy. A number of companies consider a CRM strategy only to focus on the management of a team of salespeople, while other CRM strategies can cover customer interaction across the entire organization.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers comprehensive sales automation, service management and marketing automation functionality through a browser and within everyday productivity applications, to facilitate a range of possible CRM strategies. As the enterprise CRM market grows and advances, it is important to ensure that the software matches the company and the CRM strategy. Minnesota Microsoft Dynamics CRM provider InterDyn BMI is currently offering a 30-day free trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help businesses ensure their CRM software investment is the best option for them. (

The core ingredient to consider when evaluating a CRM solution is the compatibility of the software with the business operation, and CRM strategy. Other elements and features to consider include sales and marketing analysis, history and trend management, automated processes, database information, and mobile technology capabilities.

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The ABC of Attribution Marketing for Online and Offline Businesses …

by: Anthony Dayal

What is Attribution Marketing?

The cutting edge and over-the-horizon concept we introduce for you this time is not just a concept but a prerequisite to business success, productivity and profitability. Attribution marketing is the art and science of logical resource allocation of your company’s marketing dollars. The choices are vast, varied and never-ending. How do you prioritize your marketing investments. More importantly, what benchmarks do you use in order to determine when to commit your hard earned resources to blogging, article marketing or press release submissions. Attribution Marketing provides a sound and evolving matrix to answer many of these questions.

Sales Method Sequence and Allocating Resources

Sales basics have to be in position. In which order do you sequence an e-brochure, e-mail, e-book, phone call after a potential customer has left behind a calling trail? Do you have a fixed sequence or will you try and pass control to the customer?

Another consideration is how much resources in terms of finances and effort are you going to direct toward particular efforts? Through web analytics, we attribute marketing productivity to the various sales tools and allocate resources. This is, however, only one of the various methodologies used in attribution marketing to arrive at robust and reliable client recommendations.

Multiple Inputs for a Viable Sales Funnel

Various sales inputs are measured for productivity and allocated in attribution marketing. For instance, a travel company advertises summer vacation packages in newspapers and magazines. It also sends outglossy and information packed catalogues to potential customers. Some buy these vacation packages within a week and others purchase the same summer vacation packages after 30 days. Now we can attribute the sales of those who bought the package within a week of receiving catalogues to specific factors that attribution marketing research can potentially identify.

The Attribution Challenge

The attribution challenge relates to those who bought the package after 30 days. How much do we attribute to the effect of receiving the catalogue and how much due to the effect of looking at the newspapers? This is simplistic.

Typically, travel companies call up clients on the telephone or send e-mail solicitations to opt in lists. So how much of the sales achievement is due to calling up or writing to the customer? Nowadays, most travel companies have websites and often the order is placed online. The extent to which the summer vacation travel package in question has been strategically positioned on the agency’s website and its relative outcomes is also an area of attribution marketing research.

Allocation between these various choices or “attributes” of marketing effort is vital for a healthy sales plan. Proper allocation of the budget between catalogues, newspaper advertisements, phone calls, maintaining a good website and other forms of marketing efforts have to be performed in a timely and professional manner.

Sales Efforts Are Not Independent

Often, sales efforts supplement one another. The website is listed on the newspaper advertisement, so customers search the site out and place their order. If you remove the advertisement and expect sales through the website, it may not happen, because people are no longer aware of your company. In other words, the advertisement not only builds your brand, it generates highly targeted and qualified traffic to your website. Only those prospects who are interested in your summer vacation packages will visit your website after reading the print advertisement.

There are travel companies which have only an Internet presence. Look at the various forms in which they could promote sales: e-brochures, e-mail messages, blogs, websites, print media, phone calls and so on. Obviously, attribution marketing is vital for them. When formulating a media plan, always consider the advantages of attribution marketing. If you are using the services of an interactive advertising and marketing agency, use their services for attribution marketing. Every marketing dollar is a vital resource and should be spent wisely.

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Institutional Advertising Vs Direct Sales Advertising by Yew Heng …

by: Yew Heng Chiong

In Institutional advertising, company spent a lot of money developing and rolling out advertisement via Mass Media like TV broadcast, Radio, Magazine etc. Typically, institutional ads will not cause an increase in sales at it first launch, but rather will develop a gradual and steady increase in sales over a long period of time.

An example of institutional ads is the typical Coca-Cola advertisement that you see on TV. Institutional ads are intended to develop the brand name, the image, the reputation, the quality and promote a desire for the customer need of the products from the viewer’s mind. Printed institutional ads tend to be very colorful and are usually placed in magazines by national manufacturers.

Most institutional ads communicate a message entirely centered on the company, the product. An example is as follow: “We are a big Multi-National company established in 1813. We have a strong and desirable product that you the consumer will need. The product has went through million of dollars of Research and Development and it is the product for you, the consumer. Please also associate the product with our company name…..”

The result is often not immediate and it may take generation to generation to imprint the message deep into the masses mind. Take the case of Coca-Cola for example. Coca-Cola the Company has over decades that span across many generations of human races on institutional advertisements to get the message across that Cola is Coke or Coca-Cola. The process takes painfully long time and spent lots of money. This is something that individual or some business owners cannot afford.

In addition, if you pay close attention, you will notice that Institutional Advertising does not take into consideration of the opinion of prospective consumer. The advertisement boost about the company and the product but did not interact personally with the prospective consumer. The Ads did not motivate the prospective consumer to take immediate action as the strategy for Institutional Advertising is more for the long run.

In recent years, there is an increase of Direct Sales Advertising. An example is the Power Raider advertisement. It is a very short advertisement but bring forth a compulsive reaction from the viewers to take action to buy the products. This is what it does….. The ads start by showing a healthy and fit looking guy with a half naked upper half with well defined abdomen working out on a machine, the Power Raider. With an urgency tone, the host goes through a series of the benefits that the viewer can expect to receive if they get the equipment. Then it goes on to promote urgency within the viewer by claiming that there are only a limited copies left. To enhance the sales, the host sells an irresistible offer by lower the price of the product by not two time, not three time but maybe 4 or 5 times. On top of that, it motivated the viewer to take action by giving out bonuses for the first 50 buyers that call in to buy. Finally, the host calls for sales by provide enough information on how the viewers can make the purchase. To remove all fear from the viewers to take action, the host offer a Money back guarantee if they are not satisfy with the products within a certain numbers of days of purchase.

This is what Direct Sales Advertising is all about. It goes for the direct kill to get the customer to pull out his credit card immediately and make the purchase.

This form of advertising is appropriate for Internet Marketing or selling via the Internet as a media.


The reason is obvious. Just imagine…

The prospect is surfing the web for information and happen to bump into your sales page. He is holding a packet of potatoes chip on one hand and a can of Coke on the other hand. He is impatient and will skip or move on to another page if your sales copy does not catches his attention to read on. The art of a good direct Sales advertisement does not just stop here. It motivate the prospect further until he takes out his credit card from his wallet and key into those visa or master card number on the keyboard and click on the submit button to buy.

Some even goes another step further by side selling and up selling the first time customer by making more money through a single transaction. This can be done by promoting a one-time offer to the customer with an irresistible offer that will compel him to take action again before he put back the credit card to his wallet.

I attend the World Internet Summit held in Singapore just last month. Almost all the Internet Marketing Gurus out there on the stage tells the audiences to be focus in order to make a profit from Internet Marketing. Even the famous Marketing guru’s Jay Abraham also teaches us to be focus to achieve any success in Internet marketing.

However, I prefer to think that we need to focus on the right things to achieve success on Internet Marketing.

What are the right things in Internet marketing business?

Personally, I believe this are the important focus areas for Internet marketing:

1. Business System.

2. Business Strategies.

3. Business Marketing.

Out of this three focus areas, I strongly believe Business Marketing is the most important aspect of your business.

As Jay Abraham will tell you, Marketing is the key to your success in business, whether it is a online business or an offline business. Give a good product, when market well, will sky rocket the sales. However, given a bad product, when market well; it will also help in getting profits.

In order to tap on to the marketing brain of Jay Abraham, you will need to spend a lot of moneys. This is a quote from Jay Abraham himself “Normally, when people want to learn what I know, I charge $5,000 an hour to talk to them privately. Or they pay me $25,000 to attend my five-day long seminars.” As his popularity increase over time, the cost of engaging him for consultation will be much much more.

However, all is not doom. You can now easily get access to Jay Abraham marketing material at a low cost of just USD 39.95. I would suggest you check it out as one little marketing idea from Jay Abraham could possibly turn the fortune of your businesses in your favour.

You can access to Jay Abraham’s Marketing Income-Building Home Study System at

. (*warning* I really do not know when Jay Abraham will pull out from this offer )

We should never under-estimate the power Marketing and its strong influence on the dollars and cents to your business cash flow.

Make no mistake about it. With a good marketing technique and strategy, you will definitely bring sells to your business.

One of the key aspects in business marketing for Internet marketing is sales copy writing. It is essential to have they know how for any business man or aspire to be business man to master this skill.

Author of best selling book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki defined marketing as selling through a system. He mentioned the importance of learning how to sell as a prerequisite for every business man. One interesting pointers from him is that his “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” are the best selling book, not the best written book.

Other than highlighting the importance of learning how to sell in his series of book, Robert also mentioned that importance of building a business system with the right strategies. Essentially, his business success pointers are the exact focus areas that I mentioned above, but in different presentation and layout.

Robert Kiyosaki has also designed an Ultimate Pack that give you an head start in business and finance. You can access to Robert Kiyosaki’s Ultimate Pack at

As for sales copy writing, there is no better guru to teach you than Jo Han Mok. Jo Han become a millionaire at a young age of 26 just after three years into Internet marketing business. He is famous for his sales copy writing skill and have consulted many individuals and company in helping them in converting their web pages to captivating sales page that increase the income of his clients.

Have you ever heard of a guru out there that treated writing a sales copy like fighting a war in battlefield? Jo Han is one of those sales copy writer that do just that. He is the man who incorporate the ancient chinese art of War to writing sales copy. If you do not know, the Chinese has been at wars within the country and with the barbarians from Mongolia for century in their long history. Many intelligent advisors have craft out some of the most practical and innovating strategies and techniques of winning the war for their Emperor. One of the famous advisor is Sun Tzu. This is one of the quotes translated to English by him “Warfare is the way of deception. Therefore, if able, appear unable. If active, appear non-action. If near, appear far. If far, appear near. Attack where they are not prepared, go out to where they do not expect.”

Chiong Yew Heng is a very driven individual who aspire to attain great wealth in his life time. Four things are important to him. It is listed here in order of priority.

1. Spiritual life — Man need spiritual blessing and fellowship with GOD.

2. Relationship — Man are born to fellowship with fellow man, especially his immediate families.

3. Health — Without Health, having massive Wealth is useless. You will not be able to enjoy it.

4. Wealth —- Wealth can give you freedom to do what you want in life, to bless the poor, to pursue your interest without the fear of not being able to pull through the month to pay the bills.

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