Tips For Writing Copy to Boost Sales by TJ Philpott –

by: TJ Philpott

When writing copy online to increase sales it is vitally important to connect with your reader in order to convey your marketing message. Most people are cynical when viewing any advertising copy due to the amount of hype often used. The most effective way to engage readers is to touch upon an emotional cord with them thereby drawing them deeper into what you have written. Blasting people with outlandish claims tends to increase their resistance to your advertising copy.

Here are 10 subtle tips to use when composing sales content to help you ‘connect’ with people thereby allowing you to more effectively deliver your marketing message.

Attention Getting Headline

Peak the curiosity of readers by ‘hinting’ at what type of ‘sensational’ information awaits them within the body of your content. You must get them to read further into your advertising copy in order to get your points across and/or to persuade them to make a purchase.

Address the Problem

Identify the problem from which readers are suffering and that your offer will address to further engage people even deeper into your copy. At this point you have ‘touch a chord’ with others because they now feel you can relate with what they are going through. It is this connection they will help you better communicate any marketing message you may have.

Offer a Solution

Provide for a people a reasonable solution to their problem and do so in a credible manner. It is here that are are providing some legitimacy to the claims of your solution. You must be believable and convey your message in a clear and logical fashion! Using a more reasonable, deliberate and calmer ‘tone’ in your advertising copy will be soothing to readers thereby lessening their resistance.

Show the Benefits

By showing people the problem as mentioned above you are also reminding them of their discomfort, suffering or pain! Here is where you allow them to imagine the ‘benefits’ that your offer will afford them and how their previous and undesirable feelings and/or situation will be solved! In order to increase sales with any promotional copy you will always need to show people how they will benefit!

Give Proof

The use of testimonials or logical and reasonable explanations that serves to make your benefit claims more believable or understandable helps to again lessen reader resistance. This reassurance is necessary and needed to get people to take the action you require.

Present Your Offer

Here is where you tell people you got the solution and they need to take the necessary action as required to posses the solution and enjoy the benefits! Once you have ‘rolled out’ your solution again review how it will help them and therefore why they need to have it!

Give Reassurance

Here is where you offer a guarantee to further assure readers and lay to rest any lingering doubts that they may have. You want them to feel any risk at this point is minimal or better yet non-existent! Money back guarantees are quite normal and expected when dealing with any reputable business. Here too you are aiming to knock down any remaining ‘walls’ of resistance or doubt people may still possess!

Your Call to Action

This is your wake-up call to readers telling them to take action, NOW and stop the suffering, discomfort or otherwise undesirable feelings/experience they currently have! Telling them the solution is at hand and theirs for the taking right at this point further lessens resistance and compels them to take action. You are ‘nudging’ them along without blatantly pushing them which would only serve to increase their reluctance and fuel their doubt! It is all about subtlety and your proper use of it to keep people reading your advertising copy! It stands to reason that the more they read the greater the chance you will have to deliver your marketing message. In order to increase sales you absolutely must get your message across!

Review Their Current Situation

Here you are simply reminding people of why they are even reading your copy, because they have a need or desire to make ‘things’ better! Reminding them you have the solution and it is easily within their grasp further triggers emotions that pushes them closer to taking action!

Remind People of the Benefits

Ending your copy on a positive note quite simply remind people of the good things they stand to experience and the negative ones they can easily eliminate, RIGHT NOW!

When writing copy for the sake of promoting something it is usually best to use subtly and not an ‘in your face’ approach. When people are viewing any advertising copy they always have the option of turning away thereby not receiving the intended marketing message. Subtly on the other hand serves to win the confidence and strike a connection with readers as the discussion above explains. By doing so people are then able to become more engaged in what you have written. The point is that the more they are willing to read, the greater the chances you advertising copy will have it intended effect which is simply to increase sales!
TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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How To Ensure More Auto Dealer Leads? by Matthew Barredo

by: Matthew Barredo

Are you still using print media and billboards to draw the attention of prospective leads for your auto dealership business? Do you want to target auto dealer leads in more numbers? Do you want to give your website an edge over the competitors in driving car dealer leads? Then you need to revise your present marketing strategy.

It is well known that car buyers are very particular about their choice and preference. They always look for suitable dealership conditions and it is really difficult to grab on such auto leads. Though interested buyers always like to visit a car dealer physically before making a purchase, it is the online stores that get precedence over offline stores when it comes to find more options. The car buying process was never so simple before the arrival of internet age. Since more than half of the buyers are now using internet to purchase vehicles the dealership owners need to target the online world for tapping into growing number of auto dealer leads.

To build up a regular source of car dealer leads, every auto dealer business should have a suitable marketing strategy in place. It should comprise of organic SEO, Email marketing, PPC and effective social media marketing so that grabbing quality auto dealer leads and staying ahead of the competitors won’t be difficult any longer. A well researched and planned out web marketing formula can provide the auto dealer with an access to an increased number of auto leads that can convert into sales more easily.

By merely investing in an automotive website design an auto dealer can’t expect for much result. Proper attention should be given towards marketing and promotion of the website in order to make it visible to leading search engines. The sooner the website achieves rank on the first result page of search engines the easier it becomes for the dealer to find high quality and exclusive auto dealer leads through the website.

How To Get Qualified Car Dealer Leads?

To ensure growth of dealership business, auto dealers should focus more on utilizing all proven internet marketing techniques. It really becomes hard for them to thrive and prosper in this highly competitive auto sales industry and they should never miss out taking advantage of effective marketing tools such as search engine optimization, email marketing, PPC campaigns and effective social media marketing method.

Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO is one of the proven marketing methods that assure to generate a solid source of qualified auto dealer leads continuously. The SEO strategy is mainly carried out on the basis of a list of targeted keywords for which high website ranking is achieved on all major search engines. In this way, the website becomes highly visible to search engines and prospective buyers and draw more targeted traffic and sales.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also considered to be one of the most effective ways for instigating inquiries, downloads, registration and sales. Through proper email marketing strategy, auto dealers can grow their customer base and build customer loyalty by sending them promotional newsletters and information regarding the newly launched services or products.

PPC Campaign

When PPC campaigns are managed properly, they can attract more prospective auto dealer leads around the targeted keyword almost immediately. One of the remarkable benefits of a PPC advertisement is that it can be launched quickly and can ensure qualified leads without any delay.

Social Media Marketing

Some widely used social platforms like Facebook and Twitter can help the dealers to connect to millions of potential buyers through viral marketing procedure. It can serve best to all those seeking for quality auto dealer leads and brand reputation online.
Matthew Barredo is an auto sales marketing expert helping auto dealers to find more qualified auto dealer leads through proven internet marketing techniques. He specializes in SEO, SMO, PPC and Email marketing that can produce car dealer leads for dealership on a regular basis. To read more information about auto dealer leads visit,

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Attention-Grabbing Displays are a Top Dollar Store Marketing Idea …

by: Bob Hamilton

For many of those seeking success with dollar stores just the thought of dollar store marketing can send them running. After all marketing must mean money spent – right? And who has the time to invest in locating the right marketing strategies? And then add on the time and money to actually implement those strategies and the required resources just are not available. Fortunately there are many simple dollar store marketing and merchandising ideas that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and they don’t take hours and hours of extra time.

One example of a strategy used by those who seek success with dollar stores is attention-grabbing displays. Read on for more on this important topic. In this article I present attention-grabbing displays are a top dollar store marketing idea. Specifically I will provide some of the benefits you will see from this effort.

· Make extra sales of dollar store merchandise. One of the most effective techniques for quickly growing sales is creating eye-catching displays of product. Then finish your display with interesting, colorful signs. This tactic draws shoppers to your displays. Many will then add to their purchases by picking up an item or two from those displays.

· Establish a long-lasting memory of shopping in your store. Compelling displays will often make those displays one of the things your shoppers remember. They may not remember the display itself, but they will remember the products you were displaying.

· Add more profits to total dollar store merchandise sales. One of the primary considerations before ever building a display is profit margin. Certainly the popularity of the merchandise must also be considered. However it is important to remember your goal is to build sales for your business. Making your decision based on both demand for the product and profitability is a winning plan of action. Higher sales, higher profits, and success for your business.

Consider the time and effort required to create an exciting display to be an investment in the future of your store. Shoppers will remember the best displays and they will tell others about the merchandise. As a result you make more sales today, and over time your traffic increases as well. Of course higher traffic equates to higher sales in the future as well. Those who have achieved success with dollar stores know this is a key piece of the formula for success.

To your success with dollar stores!
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Ways To Improve Your Telephone Sales Skills by Silas Reed

by: Silas Reed

Though it might sound as if the role of the telephone sales skills in the marketing of your business is pretty trivial, in reality it is not so. The way you answer your customers’ calls has a great deal to do with the reputation of your company and product. It is an important part of management training. Every time a customer calls you he should get the feeling that he is wanted.

You should answer the phone in a way that suggests that you were waiting for the call. You can do this successfully if you develop a positive attitude towards the caller. Do not answer the telephone immediately on the first ring. Get yourself prepared for the first two rings and answer on the third ring. Take a deep breath before you answer so that you sound fresh and energetic.

Your customer would not like to hear a tired, lazy, boring voice on the other side. You can also try smiling before picking up the phone to avoid any negative feeling. When you answer the call, greet your customer properly and then introduce yourself by mentioning your name and company. Give a little gap between mentioning your first and last name, so that the caller does not face any difficulty in understanding it.

Next, try to know why he has called by asking him something like “how can I help you, sir/madam?” Till this step, it is going to be pretty much the similar for every phone call and it is likely that you would know every line by heart in a few days. But you must be conscious, not to sound like a machine when you answer the call.

And remember to go slow when you are talking. If your customer is unable to follow you, he will soon get irritated and your customer service sales will go down in no time! Also, you should be extremely attentive and sincere and an excellent listener when your customer is putting forward a question.

A person usually calls the customer service to get some question answered and so you should give all your effort to make sure that it is answered sincerely, promptly and politely.

Put aside all other work when you answer the call and pay full attention to whatever the caller has to say. You can keep a pen and notepad near the telephone to jot down anything important that the caller has said.

Finally, when everything is done, thank your customer for calling and always remember to be the last one to hang up! If you make telephone sales skills a part of your sales management program and master all these techniques, your customers will be contented with your service and your business sales will soar high up!
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Pump Up Marketing Efforts With Direct Mail by Janice Jenkins

by: Janice Jenkins

The past decade has seen lots of advancement in terms of technology. It seems that each year, a new gadget is launched designed to make people’s life much easier and interactive. With such fast-paced and ever evolving life we have today, everyone has to adopt, especially the business industry. Today more than ever businesses have to be more versatile in its marketing activities. The market has changed a lot. No longer can you succeed with simple word of mouth marketing. The question now is do you have what it takes to succeed?

If you are just starting your business or trying to revamp your current marketing strategy, then you are in luck. With the economic shift and changes in people’s buying habits, gone are the days when elaborate marketing campaigns such as TV ads and billboards take up most of the market share. Today, the weapon of choice of many small businesses is direct mail marketing because of its versatility and cost effectiveness.

Direct mail marketing includes sales letter, flyer, postcard, and brochures.

Sales letter

This marketing material has been around for ages. Early traders have been sending sales letter to merchants and customers hundreds of years ago and until now this is one of the best way to market a business. A well written sales letter would easily present your case to your prospects. Here are some guidelines to follow in writing a sales letter:

Make a catchy first paragraph. Admit it, no matter how compelling and wonder your letter is, not everyone will read the whole thing. People are busy. They do not have all day to read letter after letter. So make sure to put a killer first paragraph in your letter. Immediately present your benefits in the first two paragraphs so in case readers will not read the entire letter, they already have an idea on what you have to offer.

Keep it short and simple. One page is enough to present everything you have to say to your target customers. Do not beat around the bush. Say what you want right away.

Repeat what you offer, ideally at the beginning and end of your letter.


Make sure to present your sales letter with a flyer. In essence, a flyer is a small booklet or brochure that provides additional information regarding your product offerings. This is where you can elaborate on your product specifications with the use of images and graphs.


The most basic type of direct mailing, postcards offer simple yet highly effective advantages. Because a huge percentage of direct mails do not get opened, postcard printing offers an effective solution to that. Essentially, postcards do not need an envelope allowing recipients to read everything in a flip of the wrist. This can be an ideal way of attracting impatient readers. Similarly, post cards are cost effective to produce giving you the opportunity to send out several batches of post cards at a regular interval.


This marketing technique presents business owners the most in-depth way of presenting their products or services to customers. Brochures are basically used to represent you when you are not physically present to introduce your business to potential customers. Done we, a brochure will act as communication between you and your customers, letting them know what you can do for them.

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Janice Jenkins is a writer for a marketing company in Chicago, IL. Mostly into marketing research, Janice started writing articles early 2007 to impart her knowledge to individuals new to the marketing industry.

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MLM Network Marketing: What Is It? by Anthony Harris

by: Anthony Harris

MLM or Multi-level marketing, also called network marketing, is a type of merchandising which involves recruiting of other sales persons or downline. In an MLM, a person relates with a business institution as an independent contractor or dealer. You are usually compensated based on your sales of goods or services, as well as the sales made by your recruits or downline.

Many big companies use network marketing to promote their products and services. Avon and Tupperware are examples of organizations that can be categorized as employing multi-level marketing or MLM. Business establishments utilizing an MLM strategy usually save money on advertising and promotional costs. Consequently, they deem it fair to afford favorable compensation plans for network marketers for all their efforts.

It took some time for MLM to establish its legality and attain an amount of respectability. It was in the midst of 1980′s when business organizations started handling the stocking and distribution of goods as well as paying commissions earned by members through selling.

Most, if not all, MLM companies began to invade the World Wide Web when the Internet gained popularity. Lots of established companies took advantage of the Internet to promote their products and services. The Internet was also used by new MLM companies as their starting point for their businesses. They are generally considered as online MLM’s.

Unfortunately, the Internet was also used by fraudsters as a new medium for propagating their scams. New schemes proliferated and even old, exposed ones were revived with a mask of modernity. The law was slow to catch up and individuals were vulnerable. With the distributed nature of the Internet, the wrongdoers were able to hide their real identities or location.

If you are interested in joining an MLM or network marketing, it is advised that you first examine the company’s compensation plan. Find out if you will be paid based on actual sales to clients and not from money paid by your downline. If you earn money by simply recruiting and without actual selling of products or services, then it is a Ponzi scheme or an illegal pyramid scam.

MLM scams usually require you to pay high entrance fees or buy their expensive goods to become a member. Oftentimes, they close shop after a short time. Members are left with financial losses except those who got in early or at the top of the pyramid. The Federal Trade Commission has issued warnings against MLM companies who offer higher incentives for recruiting new members than on sale of products and services.

Various compensation plans have been devised by MLM companies. The most popular and oldest of which are Stairstep Breakaway or Unilevel plans. These plans feature three types of pay — baseshop overrides, generational overrides and executive bonuses. Managers and non-managers are the two types of distributors in these plans.

Other MLM compensation plans include matrix plans, binary plans and matrix schemes or elevator plans. As with other investments, it is essential for you to do careful research before you take the plunge.

Multi-level marketing adopts a hierarchical structure and a massive downline can improve your earning potential. However, you will never get rich if you will totally depend on your downline’s performance. You also have to exert effort to generate personal sales. After all, no sale will be made if everybody is expecting everybody else to do the selling.

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Marketing Careers 7 Steps To Success In Marketing by Silas Reed

by: Silas Reed

Marketing is a very tough job. In order to be successful, you need to set up such a system that the sales of your product will get a real boost. As a result of the increased sales, the overall cost of your inputs will reduce. The real reward of marketing comes when sales are increased dramatically.

You can become successful in your marketing careers by following 7 simple steps. Take a look at the steps that will make you successful:


• Think strategically: lots of people waste the money of their company in a lot of nonsense which they believe to be essential in their marketing job. Money is a scarce commodity and is not to be wasted. So do not do so.

• Count the meaningful measurements separately: some of the marketing people get fooled in traps of external measurements. Count them separately. Otherwise, you too might be fooled like them.

• Big words can create magic: the way to impress people is by using jargons. Big words will fetch you recognition during presentations etc. they make the atmosphere grave and instill a notion of urgency.

• Promote products which you yourself can trust: will yourself will agree that you are much natural and spontaneous with such products which you can trust. On the other hand, you will have to put in extra effort to promote those products which you cannot trust.

• Choose such products which you are comfortable with: there are an endless range of products in the market. You must choose something in which you have an interest. It will be much easy to market something which you find an interest in. marketing a product which does not interest you will be a very tough job and sometimes can be embarrassing as well. Some men find it embarrassing and boring to market make up products of ladies. On the other hand, women may find it difficult to promote products that have been created exclusively for men. Not only preparation, spontaneity also counts in marketing.

• Try to build up a brand image: when customers start believing in a brand, they do business with that particular brand again and again. Studies have proved this. Customers are loyal to brands which they trust. A brand needs to produce good quality products. But the image of a brand needs to be built up by several other means. As a marketing professional, a brand’s image is dependent on your work as well. You have to select a very catchy logo which will be the emblem of the brand. Advertisements should be appealing enough to catch the attention of people. All these contribute to creating a brands image.

Choose your workplace wisely: you will have to be very selective while choosing your workplace. Choose a company which gives you a good marketing salary. You should work in such a company where your marketing careers will flourish.

Work hard to achieve a successful marketing career.
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Marketing Sales and Services by Silas Reed –

by: Silas Reed

If you have the dream to own a business and introduce new products in the market then you must get along well with marketing sales and services. There are people who inspire to become big in the marketing and business industry. Other than this, some people also aspire that others will follow them and take their examples when they enter this field.

Marketing sales along with proper service will help you connect yourself to the global marketplace. There are different kinds of activities that need to be performed by people who are interested in the marketing sales jobs.

First of all they need to have proper planning as well as managing capabilities. They must also have proper organizational objectives and to reach these objectives they must perform the marketing activities in the right manner. There are different kinds of jobs available for marketing sales and services.

You can either be a purchasing manager, or a purchasing agents and even a buyer. Other than this, you also have other options in the sales jobs in marketing. You can even choose to become cashiers, sales engineers, advertising sales agents, manufacturing and wholesale sales representative, insurance sales agents and much more.

There are lots of opportunities open for you in this particular field and this is the reason why lots of people are showing a great amount of interest in the marketing field. Marketing sales employment has become so common these days that there is a great competition among people trying for this field.

There are lots of students who are interested in an internship in marketing sales and services. The demand for these jobs is increasing day by day.

But if you really want to do well in this field then you must be very clear with the concept of marketing. There are certain skill sets that are very much necessary for proper marketing. You must always remember that everybody might not be fit for this job.

You need to have creative but logical bend of mind. Other than this, you also need to have good communication skills. It is very important to convince people so that they purchase your products or services.

E-marketing has also become quite popular these days. In this job you need not visit from door to door for marketing a product or service. There are various ways of E-marketing that has become popular these days.

When you are entering the filed of marketing sales and services you must also make sure that you carry out proper market research before you choose to introduce the product o service in the market. If you become successful in marketing sales then you can surely dream of reaching the top position.
Silas Reed, Writer for MarketingCrossing, writes articles that inform and teach about different marketing job profiles. Please visit and sign up for a FREE trial to gain access to ALL of the many exclusive job listings we offer in the marketing profession.

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Never Cold Call Again Attain Sales Success Through Referral …

by: Anthony Harris

Big and small companies still continue to practice cold calling, even though it is not a very effective sales tool nowadays. In fact, more and more customers are getting tired of receiving sales pitches from strangers. Many feel that such unsolicited calls are invading their privacy and wasting their precious time.

In the same manner that many people are irked by spam e-mails, almost everybody is also antagonistic to cold calling. Actually, many executives do not receive cold calls so it is very unlikely for you to get a big client through this method.

If you are a sales person who dislikes cold calling, do not fret. There is another system that will surely help you get more customers and sales. The referral marketing system is not only an effective way to boost sales; it is also a great tool to establish a pool of loyal customers.

What is a referral system?

Referral selling is basically a process in which you ask someone to introduce you to or give contact information of potential customers. More people are comfortable in dealing with sales agents that have been referred by someone they know, particularly because there are numerous unscrupulous companies and individuals that are waiting to take on unsuspecting victims.

Advantages of referral marketing system

One of the benefits of this type of sales method is the high success rate in making probable customers as loyal clients. As mentioned earlier, people tend to trust sales persons that their friends and families vouched for. Statistics show that you have over a 50% chance of bagging a sale through referral system compared to the cold calling method.

Cold calling is a hit or miss sales style. Unfortunately, you miss rather than hit in this type of sales method. In referral selling, however, you do not have to make thousands of calls to numerous persons. You just call the ones that are more likely to respond to your sales pitch. Thus, you spend more quality time calling the persons in your referral list, than phoning those who do not even want to speak with to.

Referral system is a good way to build long and strong customer relationship. Trust is very important in the first stage of maintaining a good relationship with your clients. In cold calling, your prospective client does not have a reason to trust you. However, in referral selling, you already get your client’s trust.

In the referral selling method, the sales process is usually shorter than in cold calling. You don’t have to dwell too much on getting the client to trust you and the company. Chances are, the person who referred you to your client already did the talking and explaining. Thus, you spend much of the time talking about the product or the service that you are offering.

In referral system, the competition is dramatically reduced. Even if cold callers speak with your client and sell similar products or services, chances are, your customer will not entertain them anymore. You have already made an impact and built trust, so no amount of sales pitch will entice them anymore.

Referral selling is a better sales method to cold calling. However, you must remember to always provide excellent service and product to ensure customer loyalty. Nobody will refer you to his or her friends or family if your product or service is not up to standard.

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