The ABC’s of Marketing by Jason Pearson –

by: Jason Pearson

As an online marketer your first question when it comes to advertisement may be how much will it cost me? It is not always about dollars, however, many times it is about time and whether you have enough to fully invest into research. An effective marketing campaign can only be developed by taking time to research what groups to market to that would be interested in your product, as well as researching what advertising has the best results.

When you begin your business ands design a business plan, remember to add a marketing budget in. After you investigate different marketing methods you will have a better idea of how much to put in your marketing budget. You should also include the steps you plan to take to market your business in your business plan. If you have the money to spend on different marketing strategies you can dapple in more than one and find the right fit for your company. Many people will advertise both off and online, reaching as many people as possible with the message of their business.

By tracking the number of customers to your site for at least two months will let you know the success rate of any given marketing strategy you may be trying. If you have been in business for at least a couple of years you can track the number of sales at certain times of the year and find out if your marketing efforts are affecting your sales that way.

Marketing is not an exact science, it is impossible to nail it down to one method that always works and on that is always a failure. Your audience may be finicky and what may work one month or year may need to be tweaked the following month or year. You must be willing to change and mold your marketing methods as the need may arise. The constants you must always keep are quality customer service, an understanding for your clients buying patterns, and a good knowledge of your market. Keep these in tact and work with your advertising continually. A huge marketing budget is not a guarantee that sales will increase.

If you are new to the online marketing world, and a new business owner you should strive to market your business in inexpensive ways. Take out small ads, and build a website with articles on your products. Work at generating a buzz by telling everyone about your new business. Never underestimate the word of mouth. As you business grows and flourishes so will your marketing budget.

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Training Needs Analysis (tna) For The Hospitality Industry by …

by: Maxwell Best

Prior to any training taking place in hotels, resorts, cruise ships or other hospitality establishments, it is essential to identify what the needs are to ensure that it meets with the requirements of the business. Such an analysis is often referred to as a Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

Good hospitality training specialist consultants and their trainers highly recommend a training needs analysis (TNA) prior to any training that they undertake. This is an important first step. Training involves investment in time, money and resources. Such an investment to address the actual needs and to make a significant difference to the success of the company can lead to a more complete utilization of resources and can also affect the degree of success of the training program. As with any investment, returns are expected from training in the form of improved performance that can lead to achievement of business goals.

So how do we go about conducting a Training Needs Analysis (TNA)? Where do we begin? What are the needs? How can we plan? How to make it happen? What difference will it make?

Using a step by step approach, we can answer all these questions. Below is 4-step guide on how to conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA):

Step 1: Understand the Current Situation

* Make an internal assessment of the current situation. This involves gathering information on how the company is currently operating and can be gathered from a variety of methods:

* Guest Feedback (Guest Comment Cards / Customer Satisfaction Surveys)

* Mystery Shopper Results

* Complaint Log Books

* Exit Interviews

* Employee Opinion Surveys

* Employee Appraisal Reports

* Operations Reviews

* Incident Reports

* Observations at the Workplace

* Brand Standard Audits

* Skills Tests

* One-on-one discussions

* Focus Groups

Step 2: Determine the Desired Outcome

Next, identify what the desired outcome can be. This involves visualizing what the desired future is and can be established by a review of:

* Company Vision and Mission

* Company Strategies and Objectives

* Business & Marketing Plan translated into Business Goals and Objectives

* Guest / Customer Needs

* Career Development Needs

* Any changes expected such as new services, policies, procedures

Step 3: Analyze the GAP

Once information is gathered on current and future situation, a GAP analysis is undertaken. This is basically the difference between findings in Steps 1 and 2 and may be defined as:

Desired Outcome – Current Performance = Training Need.

It should be noted that not all performance issues can be resolved through training. This is important to distinguish as the wrong solution could lead to the wrong outcome. Training can help if there is a lack of sufficient knowledge, skills or attitude. While knowledge and skills are easier to identify and rectify, attitude can be improved with time through a process of learning, monitoring and consequences. In the final analysis, look for correlations and consistencies. Sieve through the details and do not take the “forest for the trees”.

Step 4: Present the PLAN

With budgets at the disposal for training, it is important that needs be prioritized. Training that must meet legal requirements due to external regulations such as health, hygiene and safety, goes right to the top of the list. This is not negotiable and can affect licenses to operate. Next consider what is immediately needed to put things right, for example, gaps in service and product standards delivery, changes in policies and procedures, introduction of new services, etc. Then, list all regular training programs offered as good employers do, such as orientation, soft skills training and other supervisory development programs. Finally, include any employee development activities that provide career development and growth progression in the company.

All training needs can then be documented into a “Training Plan” according to priorities. The training plan should specify for each training need:

* What needs to be achieved (The Objective)

* Why it is important (Impact on the business if not done)

* Who needs training (Identify specific individuals or groups)?

* When it is needed (Timely training can lead to more effective results)

* Where it will take place (Conducted in house or externally)

* How it will be evaluated (Desired changes back at the workplace)

Allocate budgets according to priority and finally present plan in a format that is easy for everyone involved to understand. Communicate and then work the plan.

This is a detailed and comprehensive process. Hence, an ever increasing number of hospitality companies seem to delegate the task of their training needs analysis (TNA) as well as their whole training to hospitality training specialist consultants, hence saving themselves time, money and resources.


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Using Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Get More Sales …

by: Jack Bosch

Getting more sales on your real estate business is definitely your main goal when you are in real estate business, Creating an effective real estate marketing strategy is the first and the most important thing that you will do before anything else if you want to have more buyers for your real estate business than you can handle. There are many kinds of real estate marketing strategies and techniques that you can use in your business, you just make sure that it is an effective marketing strategy and also you can use those marketing strategies on advertising your properties both online and offline.

Learning all of the tricks of the trade in real estate marketing takes time. Even when you think that you have mastered the fundamentals of selling real estate, you will find that there is still a lot more that you can learn and do. One of the biggest things that you need to do in order to reach the most buyers is understand them. Know who your target market is for buyers, and what strategies you are going to have to use to reach them. This can take a while, but once you know which groups of buyers respond better to what, it can help you get the edge that you need.

If you are targeting a group of buyers who you know are Internet savvy and spend a lot of time online, focus your advertising efforts there. Participate in online networks, auction sites and put a lot of time into your website. If you are focusing your efforts on a group of buyers who are looking for investment properties, focus on printed materials and visual displays for your listings. You need to learn to think like the group of buyers that you are targeting. Once you can figure out what is going to be the best method for appealing to them, you can really increase your sales. Using a combination of online advertising, and face to face advertising is an excellent way to boost sales and get better results. When you are planning your next advertising spree, be sure to keep it focused on smaller target groups of buyers instead of keeping it too broad. It is better to do more than one advertising launch that targets different groups of people. By focusing your attention and ef!

forts on one group, you are going to be more thorough in your advertising. Go online and find out where your potential buyers are going to look for properties and listings, and be there. Keep your listings at the top of their minds by making sure they will see your website and your properties. The more that you put into your advertising campaigns, the more sales you are going to see

Copyright (c) 2010 Jack Bosch
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Using Postcard Marketing to Keep in Touch With Prospects …

by: Dave Roth

There are many ways to keep the interest of a customer or prospect, and to ensure that person is reminded of a particular business. One of the more old-fashioned but still very effective ways to do this is through the use of postcard marketing. This can help a business keep in touch with both prospects and customers, and make sure that people know what they can expect to receive from a business in both goods and services. Letting individuals know this and keeping it in the forefront of their minds goes a long way toward building good customers relationships that are strong and that will last for a long period of time.

Postcard marketing is relatively inexpensive. Bulk postcards can be bought, or more expensive ones can be purchased for a more personal touch. Either way, they cost very little and mailing them out is also much less than the cost of a letter or package. Because of this, they are a very economic way of staying in touch with prospects and customers. This helps the business because it brings in more traffic and raises profits. In turn, it helps the customers and prospects because they are reminded of sales and other special offers that the business might have for them. In addition, keeping a business in a customers mind these days is not easy when there are so many businesses to choose from.

In order to keep up with the competition, individuals in the business world know that they must advertise. They do not want to ignore their customers, because another business will come along and snatch those people away. However, they know if they nag, customers will quickly tire of that, as well. There is a delicate balance that companies and their salespeople must find, and in order to do this they analyze customer trends and work to get to know what people that shop with them really need. Postcard marketing can be a great way to keep in touch with customers and at the same time make sure that these customers are not being nagged.

Dave Roth is an accomplished salesperson and sales coach who teaches sales professionals to grow their business. If you’d like more information on sales training techniques, go to right away.

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Internet Marketing Secrets for Getting Traffic by Corick Stephunt

by: Corick Stephunt

There are many products and services that you can promote online, but for any of them you need a proven marketing system to make it work. You need this marketing plan so you know how to proceed with your business. It will be hard to make progress if you don’t have a plan to generate website traffic or advertise your site. Let’s take a look at some solid internet marketing techniques that you can begin using right away.

When you promote your products or services, don’t forget that your prospects will see things differently than you do. So when you’re creating your product, you should make sure that it has all the benefits your customer needs. Keeping your customers happy should be your main concern. Next, target your promotions towards a specific group.

It’s easier to sell to a target audience than to everybody. No one product or service is for everyone. Become an expert in your niche. When your knowledge in this area starts to be recognized, prospects will look to you for help. Your reputation as a trusted authority will grow. A good Internet marketers understands how to harness the power of words for his own benefit. Choosing the right words could mean increased profits and higher sales conversions, but choosing the wrong words can give you the opposite effect. Your internet marketing efforts are heavily dependent on the words you select when you’re crafting your sales copy. The more people understand about how your products can benefit them, the more profits you’ll reap. It all comes down to finding the right way to convey your meaning so it can’t be mistaken. Creating high converting sales copy could be the key to unlocking the success of your Internet marketing campaign.

If you want to narrow your focus, you can start your own forum that is based on your own particular area of interest. For example, if you’re targeting the fitness niche, you can have a forum set up in this area and have interested people join in and start discussions. Having your own forum is great for marketing purposes, as you will have a growing base of potential customers to whom you can target your products and offers. A popular forum will be a natural traffic magnet, and it’s also a good way to achieve expert status in your niche. You can start an internet marketing business with little or nothing and take it to great heights if you give it your best effort. If you want to succeed, however, remember to study your competition at all times. Your success depends on this. If you are serious about building a profitable business, be sure that you remember the testing and tracking part of your marketing.
Corick, 28. Another website review’s:,,

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What is a Legitimate Multi-level Marketing and How to Avail its …

by: Anthony Harris

Multi-level marketing (MLM), or also known as network marketing is a form of business distribution allowing a company with a parent multi-level marketing to promote its products and services immediately to the customers through direct selling and by means of self-employed independent salespeople known as the distributors. Simply, it is considered to be one of the business compensation plans one could find in the success of a home business industry. Though some may link MLM with the pyramid scams that have spread all over the Internet, legitimate MLM companies are only earning from the sales of their products and services.

How do you earn as part of MLM?

If you are a networker or an independent distributor, you obtain commissions through:

-your sales of the products and services of the company you are working for

-sales of other people you were able to recruit and became distributors as well. When these people are able to sell the company’s goods and services, a percentage of the sales will be given to you.

MLM plans generally give commissions by more than two levels of recruits, commonly known as the downline of the distributor.

A downline is a distributor who you were able to recruit, thus you are given commissions on his/her sales and the sales of another set of distributors who were rectruited by the same person you recruited as well. The upline is considered as that of a distributor which is above you and who recruited you. Thus he/she may also receive commissions from the products you have sold.

What to do before you become part of the MLM plan?

New recruits who will be part of the whole MLM plan in the future are sometimes obliged to pay for the training they have to undergo, the materials they would be needing, and the products they have to sell as part of their own inventory. The reason why recruits are obliged to pay for their inventory is to ensure that their distributors are prevented in doing the so-called inventory loading so that these people may be qualified to receive more bonuses. This rule then ensures the at least 70% of their inventory are sold before they could acquire a new set of orders.

How to become a successful member of the MLM plan?

1. Educate yourself on the type of MLM system the company is running. Join the company’s educational programs which are certainly a big help for you. These programs are mainly focusing on customer relationship, money management, leadership, etc.

2. Know the products you sell to your customers and always be ready to entertain the questions with regards to the products you sell or the services you offer.

3. Ask guidance from family, friends and a legal officer so that you may be guided as a member of the plan. Never go too far and take each step to success step by step.

While on the first few months of being a part of a legitimate multi-level marketing plan, you really don’t earn that much, however, you may also find it an enjoying and satisfying job. With this type of job, the more you work, the more you are likely to receive higher commissions. You can be your own boss and you can be a part of an excellent social network.

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Info Marketing Booms When The Price Is Right by Neil Asher

by: Neil Asher

Sometimes it’s true that the less you know, the better you do.

I’d like to share a little story with you. It’s got to do with “price points” and something that happened to me when I was just starting out.

You might already know that I started the multi-million-dollar business I have now from nothing. I really did start it in my bedroom. That was in 2001. I had just wrapped up some work I was doing with a real estate agent. I didn’t even have a job. I literally didn’t know what I was going to do next.

Well, a friend of mine, the information marketing expert Dean Jackson, had been selling some e-books online, and he told me I should try it out. He showed me a few things, and it looked like something I could do, too.

So I sat down and wrote my own e-book. It took me about three weeks. I just kind of knocked it out, based on my own experience.

After that, I went online and taught myself how to do HTML. I learned how to make a web site, how to set up e-mail lists, and how to do pay-per-click marketing. I begged and borrowed knowledge. I was will to do whatever it took to start a business online. Thank goodness, I didn’t have to steal anything.

But I did read books—lots of them. I talked to people already doing Internet marketing. I studied web sites. Getting started was an interesting ride.

After a few months, I was up and running with my first information product. I had a downloadable PDF book that I was selling for $29.95. I know it’s hard to believe now, but it wasn’t even password protected.

Anyway, it was available at last. I was probably selling a maximum of five or six books in one day. And that wasn’t all that bad, right? That was $150 to $180 a day in gross sales. I was pretty happy with that.

Then, after a while, I decided to do a price test. I changed the price from $29.95 to $39.95. I remember it clearly. It was right before I took a trip to visit a couple of my friends down the coast. I drove down to see them, and we spent a day hanging out together.

Well, at the end of the day, we went back to where they were staying. I asked to borrow one of their computers, so I could check out my sales stats online. I logged on and—lo and behold—I had sold TEN copies of my book!

Just take a moment to about that. I only made one change. I had raised the price. I raised it by 33%, and I had my record sales day—$400 in sales. I remember sitting there, looking at the screen, and thinking, “$400 Bucks! That’s $12,000 a month! I’m free!”

I think I must have been out of the classroom when the topic was “Elasticity Curves.” And that’s a good thing, because later one of my friends explained the theory to me. Apparently, the lower your price, the more you sell, and the higher your price, the less you sell. Go figure.

Anyway, it just goes to show that you don’t need a Ph.D. in Macro-Economics to be able to make money online through Internet marketing. Just get out there with an information product, set a reasonable price, and then move it around. Test it and let the market tell you what price is right.

Neil Asher ( has built five multi-million dollar companies from zero, including one he took to $8 million in sales in under two years. He has created and sold successful franchises in England, Italy, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. Visit his web site for access to 17 FREE videos, 6 FREE books and two hours of audio training, revealing “How To Make BIG Money Selling Information Products On The Internet…Even If You Don’t Have A Website And You’ve Never Sold Anything On The Internet Before.”

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Online Marketing Essentials How to Select Your Product by Tony …

by: Tony Marriott

This is the third in a series of five articles taking you through the basic steps you need to complete to successfully market anything on the internet. This article looks at where to find products and how to make sure the ones you pick will sell. We check out a killer tool to give us the final edge.

If your just starting out in online marketing then it is absolutely imperative that you start with a simple marketing model. You should have a single chain plan so that you can easily modify any part of that chain and review the results. We must be in a position to relate any changes in your results (good or bad), to the changes made in your marketing model. It is this cycle of change, test and review that is the core to successful marketing. To be able to do this you should start with one product.

First thing to discus is product type. For a start-up marketer the best option is to select a digital product. Fortunately there are a number of affiliate networks who you can join and will allow you access to a large number of vendors who run affiliate programs. The bad new is that most of these are very restrictive, especially with new-comers to online marketing. Many product vendors run there own affiliate programs but to start with I suggest you stick with a network.

One particular network, is however, very amenable to new marketers and is completely free to join. So to select your first product you should first join ClickBank. You can go to the ClickBank web site and follow the exercise below.

Go to the ClickBank site and at the top of the page you will see a hyper link entitled ‘marketplace’. Click on this and you will then be presented with a search box.

For this example I am going to be someone interested in languages, summer holidays and similar so I have selected the category ‘Society and Culture’ with the sub-category ‘Languages’. I have left the keywords box blank, hit GO and a number of results results are displayed.

In this case the top few items are Rocket Spanish, Rocket French and Rocket German.

Read the product description, but remember this is written by the vendor. The other thing you need to do is ‘view the pitch page’ This is the selling page of the vendor. Click on the link under the description and see if it appeals to you – would you be tempted to buy this product? Do you think other would?

Now look at the green text under the item. For Rocket Spanish it reads:

$/sale: $86.04 – Future $: – - Total $/sale: $86.04 – %/sale: 75.0% – %refd: 73.0% – grav: 83.36

What this tells you is that for each sale you make you will get $86 (or its equivalent in pounds), that will equate to 75% of the sale price. It shows that 73% of their total sales comes from affiliates. The final number (Gravity) is calculated by ClickBank based on the last 8 weeks sales. Its a rather complex calculation that adds more weight to more recent sales but gives a measure of the current sales performance of the product. Basically you don’t want too high a gravity as you will be competing heavily with other affiliates but you want it high enough to expect a reasonable sales volume. Remember, for now keep it simple.

You can make an assessment on this product in the following way.

1.You will be getting a good amount of cash per sale ($86) that is a fair percentage of the sale price (75%).

2.The product itself looks to be a quality product as 27% of the sales are organic or non-affiliate sales (sold by the vendors themselves).

3.It has an average level of gravity that is ideal for a first venture.

If we wanted to consider Rocket Spanish as our product then still we need to do some further checking and we do this with a fantastic little free tool that will really improve your chances of success.

The tool is called PPC WebSpy and it integrates with your web browser. It only works with Firefox, so if you only use Internet Explorer you will need to download and install Firefox. This is also absolutely free. Many believe this is actually a superior product to Internet Explorer (IE) and certainly less prone to problems. I suggest that during your installation of Firefox you deselect the check box that says ‘use Firefox as your default browser’. This will then leave your IE exactly as it is but you will be able to launch Firefox to use PPC WebSpy. If you get to like it you can always make it your default browser later. My guess is you will!

Firstly you need to view the PPC WebSpy video explains and demonstrates how it works. The next steps are simple, you just Google ‘Rocket Spanish’ and you will see the paid search results. Look at the keywords used and the costs per click, that PPC WebSpy show you, and you will easily be able to calculate what it would cost you to get on the first search page of Google. In this example I was able to discover that I could get the top search page position with the keywords ‘learn Spanish free online’ for only $0.38 per click. This means you need to get a sale once in every 226 clicks ($86/$0.38) to break even. That should be easy for targeted traffic. What works for paid traffic also works for unpaid traffic so all the signs are that this is a viable product that should make you money.

Use this basic technique to select your own product and you will maximise your chance of success.

Tony Marriott has worked for over 33 years at the top of the UK IT industry. He now lives in Greece and is the founder of The Online Income Club. Additional detailed information, the PPC WebSpy video and free download can all be found at